💀Ten of the scariest movies in the world

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💀Ten of the scariest movies in the world

The Exorcist is one of the most famous horror movies, which after about 40 years, still ranks first in the list of the scariest movies in the world. The unpredictability of the story, the excitement and the complex events that happen in the simplest possible spaces have made Exorcist a head and neck higher than any other horror movie.

In his film, William Friedkin carefully combined all the religious and psychological themes with maternal love and the subject of exorcism, and the result has become a lasting work in horror cinema that many have watched over and over again to experience absolute fear.

The film is about Regan, the teenage daughter of a successful actress who, by playing with a board in the basement of the house, opens the door to an uninvited and evil party, and the story revolves around the mother’s efforts and the exorcism ceremony to save the girl.

The Conjuring

Director: James Wan
Producer: Tony Deroza-Grund
Peter Safran, Rob Cowan
Author: Chad Hayes, Kerry Hayes
The United States
English language
In 1971, the Perron family moved into a large old mansion in a village in Rhode Island. A little later, they realize that an unknown and dangerous force has taken over the emirate. The family’s mother also begs for help from two paranormal experts, Ed and Lorraine Warren.

The main thread of this story is completed in the movie Summons 2.

A Quiet Place

Director: John Krasinski
Producer: Michael B
Andrew Form
Duration: 90 minutes
Country: United States
Language: American Sign Language
The film’s story takes place in the future and depicts a time when unknown monsters have conquered the earth, and the slightest sound can lead them to humans and cause their destruction. In this story, Lee (John Krasinski), Evelyn (Emily Blunt), and their children are present. A family that is entirely silent and keeps an eye on everything that makes a sound and endangers the family’s safety so that nothing goes wrong. This family has to do everything without any sound throughout their life. Otherwise, they will be hunted by these creatures.


Director: John R. Leontie
Producer: Peter Safran,
James Vaughn
Author: Gary Daberman
Duration: 99 minutes
country of America
English language
John Form (Ward Horton) thinks he’s found the perfect gift for his future wife, Mia (Annabel Wallis): an old doll in a beautiful white dress; The couple’s happiness, however, does not last long: one terrible night Satanists invade their home and begin acts of violence against the couple. When the cultists attempt to summon a demon and smear a mysterious bloody mark on the nursery’s wall, the blood drips onto Annabelle, Mia’s doll, turning a beautiful object into an evil instrument.

The Witch movie

Genre: Drama, Horror, Director: Robert Eggers, Actors: Anya Taylor-Joy, Ralph Inson, and Kate Dickies Released: 2015
We join a family in 17th century America exiled from the peaceful village where they lived to the outside world because of their religious beliefs. Now they are forced to live alone in a cabin among the forest’s trees. But it doesn’t take long for strange things to happen around the house, most of which involve the family’s children, mainly their eldest daughter, Thomasine. One day, while caring for the youngest family member, a baby, Thomasin notices that he has mysteriously disappeared. The insecure twins claim they can talk to the black goat in the stable, and Caleb, Thomasin’s younger brother, disappears during one of his excursions into the woods around the house.

Let the right one in

It is a movie in the horror, romantic and romantic genre, directed by Thomas Alfredsen, which was released in 2008
The police arrest a man accused of murder, but before the arrest, he has acid splashed on his face to avoid being identified. The police take him to a security room with a guard. The particular homicide detective tries to get a confession from him. In the meantime, the nurse says that the man’s daughter has come to the hospital. When the detective leaves the room to see the girl, the man throws himself out the window. The story goes back to a few weeks ago, and we meet Oscar, A lonely and timid boy constantly bullied by school bullies. Oscar’s mother is unaware of his troubles at school, but the girl next door, who has just moved in with her father, advises him to stand up to the bullies or the harassment will never end. Oscar follows the girl’s advice and goes as far as being expelled. The same issue brings the two closer to each other and nightly conversations through the wall. Still, the occurrence of mass murders and the loud sounds of fighting that Oscar hears from behind the wall changes his view of the new neighbors and put him in a problematic choice dilemma.

28 days later

In the style of science fiction and horror
Directed by Danny Boyle and starring Killeen Murphy, it is a 2002 film
Director: Danny Boyle
Producer: Androm McDonald
Written by Alex Garland
Duration: 113 minutes
Country: United Kingdom, Spain, United States
English language
England is infected with the deadly “Kashm” virus. The first wave of the virus attack caused people to flee to the corners of the country. There are Dan (Robert Carlyle) and Alice (Catherine McCormack), and Andy (Mackintosh Muggleton). Children have been sent to Spain to avoid the virus. Dan and Alice are hiding in a country cottage. Then the said hideout is discovered by a group of people infected with the virus. Thinking that Alice has been killed, Dan cowardly runs away. Twenty-eight weeks later, the children returned home. Everyone believes the crisis is over, but the second wave of the virus attack is about to begin. The second wave is much broader and more intense than the first wave. In this way, the government’s plans to resettle people in the cities face problems. The members of the US military, including the head of the medical group (Rose Byrne), are trying to stop the growth and spread of the virus. They have decided to implement the “red code” program if this fails, A program that is very violent and cruel and…


A movie in the supernatural horror genre
Director: Kimberly Press
Producer: Kevin Misher
J. Miles Dale
Duration: 99 minutes
country of America
English language
Carrie is a teenage girl who, against the wishes of her deeply religious mother, plans to attend a dance party organized by Tommy Ross. But his going to this assembly and being away from his mother makes him realize the ability to move objects with his mind, which is a high school student with a shy personality. He is fragile in social relations and has significant problems because of this. For this reason, he is constantly bullied and harassed by his classmates and peers, but Kari has special and supernatural powers, which in the film’s sequel, take harsh revenge on his enemies…

Rosemary’s Baby

Director: Roman Polanski
Producer: William Castle
Author: Roman Polanski

Rosemary and Guy are a young couple moving into their new apartment.
Strange things happen to those around Rosemary: a young woman named Terry, who meets Rosemary in the apartment’s laundry room, dies suddenly. An actor considered Guy’s business rival suddenly goes blind for no reason, and… Rosemary is suspicious of their neighbors. Still, Guy considers her suspicions baseless and distances himself from her more and more. Rosemary gets pregnant, and based on various signs, she gets the idea that the Satanists, by seducing her wife, made her the means of giving birth to the devil’s child…


Director: Parker Finn
Author Parker Finn
Duration: 115 minutes
Country: United States
English language
At a psychiatric facility, Dr. Rose Cotter meets Laura Weaver, who witnessed her professor’s death by suicide a few days ago. Laura states that she is being followed by a being that appears as people who smile at her and tell her that she is going to die. After being told that the creature has appeared in a seemingly empty room, he has a mental breakdown and convulses. Rose walks away and calls for help, but when she returns, she finds Laura smiling softly at her before slitting her throat with a broken piece of vase.
After the suicide event, Rose witnesses another patient named Carl smiling at her and yelling that he will die. He orders Carl to be restrained but suddenly realizes that Carl has been asleep the whole time. Concerned about Rose’s mental health, her supervisor Dr. Morgan Desai gives her a week off with pay.
The paranormal events continue, severely damaging Rose’s relationship with her fiancé Trevor and her sister Holly, who believe she has gone mad. Rose has had a strained relationship with Holly since the death of their abusive and mentally ill mother, whose body was discovered after a young Rose overdosed. During her niece’s birthday party, Rose’s wrapped present is somehow replaced by her dead cat that disappeared the night before. Rose then sees a stewardess smiling at her, invisible to the others.


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