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Top ten novels for learning English

Let’s start with a simple children’s book, A small book suitable for learning basic and essential English words. Especially if you want to teach your child English In this story, by telling the story of the life of a silkworm for a week in the form of beautiful pictures, children will get to know the…
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Top ten fantasy and magic movies

Harry Potter fantasy movie series The story of Harry Potter is about a boy named Harry who lost his parents and lived with his aunt and uncle’s husband. One day, a man named Rubius Hagrid comes to Harry and reveals the truth about the death of his parents. Harry’s parents were wizards and were killed…
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Ten movies of witchcraft and magic

The Wizard of Oz movie Genre: family, adventure, fantasy, director: Victor Fleming, actors: Judy Garland, Frank Morgan, and Ray Bolger, year of release: 1939 Dorothy is a teenage girl who lives with her dog Toto on a farm in Kansas. That one stormy day smashes the earth and the sky together, takes Dorothy’s little dog,…
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