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Traditional wedding dresses from different countries

The white dress we see on today’s brides became fashionable in the 19th century thanks to Victoria, the Queen of Great Britain. Queen Victoria was the first woman to wear a white wedding dress. Before her, women wore a traditional dress or a dress that was fashionable at the time on their wedding day. Now…
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Ten of the most beautiful words of Celebrities

Selena Gomez :Everyone is in your life for different reasons to teach you a particular lesson! Rihanna :You don’t want to be someone else when you learn to love yourself. Zain Malik :If people are talking behind you, it is because you are ahead of them. Justin Bieber :No matter how talented you are, not…
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Ten of the most Handsome K-pop idols

1. sono The first place in this list is given to Sonu, the singer, and dancer of the Enhypen group. He got 42787 votes in this voting.Sono is a member of the Enhypen group. 2. Junkyo The second place also belongs to a member of Treasure group. Junkyu is in second place with 42,575 votes.Junkyu…
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