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Top 10 pen brands in the world in 2023

1. Parker Pen Company The French-beginning Parker Pen Organization will be one of the most outstanding wellspring pen brands in 2022, with an item presence in 120 nations. The pen brand has made an ideal line in various shapes and styles like Parker Jotter, Parker 51, and Parker Jotter Ballpoint. The organizer recorded Parker’s primary…
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Ten of the strangest islands in the world

1. Crab Island We’ve all seen crabs, but they rarely are out of water. There is only one island in the world that crabs occupy. Christmas Island is an island in Queensland, Australia, which is now known as Crab Island. Millions of red crabs visit this island every year and can be seen everywhere in…
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Ten of the most beautiful black and white animals

1. Penguin 2. Dolphin 3. Cat 4. Panda 5. Dog 6. zebra 7. Horse 8. Rabbit 9. Goat 10. Duck