Ten benefits of meditation

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Ten benefits of meditation

1.Relieve stress and depression

2. Eliminate fatigue and boredom

3.Treatment of chronic anxiety

4. Creating a good mood in life

5. Increasing calmness and freshness

6. Increase the power of mental visualization

7. Lower blood pressure

8. Treatment of various diseases

9. Reducing fatigue based on heavy work and activity

10. Attracting health and treating various diseases

What is meditation?

There are different methods of meditation. Two forms of meditation are usually the focus of scientific research: focused attention or focused meditation and the other is open observation meditation.Focused meditation is when you focus on something specific, such as your breathing, one of your immediate sensations, or even an external object. The main point of this type of meditation is that you have to focus entirely on one thing, and if your attention gets distracted, refocus.In the second type of meditation, open observation meditation, you focus on everything happening around you. In fact, without reacting to anything, you observe and monitor.

The most important thing we focus on in meditation is being in the present moment. All meditation methods and exercises make us be in the present moment and escape our thoughts. Some of these exercises are a little more specialized, such as sleep meditation and… But some of these exercises are very simple, and you can easily do them without audio or video. In the following, I will explain precisely these exercises to you so you can choose and do one.

1. Breathing meditation

The most common and simplest method of meditation is breathing meditation. In this meditation method, you must sit in a corner and focus on your breath. You can thoroughly read about this meditation method in the breathing meditation article. Still, I will briefly explain how to do it:

 sit in a corner
 preferably where there is not a lot of noise,
 It's better to be soft under your feet so you don't get hurt.
 Keep your spine straight.
 Instead of your thoughts, focus on the air's path through your body.
 Check the air path from the nose to the stomach.
 If you get distracted, slowly bring your focus back to your breath.
 Focus on your breath for 5 to 15 minutes.
 Finally, slowly open your eyes.

2. Doing work consciously

One simple and exciting meditation technique is to do a conscious task. No matter what the job is, you can do it quickly. For example, if you are a woman and wash dishes at home, you can meditate while doing the same thing. how

It’s enough to concentrate on what you’re doing instead of thinking about other tasks or issues while washing dishes. To the words, to your feeling, to the contact of your hand with water and…
Or, for example, while driving, instead of focusing on different thoughts, give all your attention to your car, the feeling you get from sitting in the seat, the surrounding events, etc. I’m sure that after even 5 minutes of doing something consciously, you’ll realize how much of a different experience it is

3. Body scan meditation

In body scan meditation, we pay attention to our body instead of thoughts and become aware of its inner feelings. To do this exercise, sitting on a comfortable chair or lying down somewhere is better. Close your eyes too. Now start from the tips of the toes. Visualize the toes of both feet very slowly and slowly and come up.
You will most likely feel a slight tingling or pins and needles in any part of your body while doing this exercise, which is entirely normal. After you scan your body up to your head, you can complete this simple meditation exercise or follow it up with a breathing meditation.

4. concentration meditation

Another simple meditation practice is to focus on an object. Of course, this focus should be so deep that you practically don’t see anything around you, or at least they don’t get much attention from you.
For example, you can light a candle in front of you and look at it. What is the texture of the base of the candle? What color is the thread? How does the flame burn? Do you feel the warmth of the candle? How does candle smoke come out? In this simple exercise, you have to touch the object with understanding.

5. Walking meditation

“Walking meditation,” or meditation while moving, is another type of meditation you can easily do. I suggest you go for this exercise, especially when you are not feeling well and need to walk. But how?
It is enough to choose a place to walk, preferably near a park or a sidewalk with little disturbance. While walking, instead of thinking, you should focus on the world around you. What is the air temperature? What color and shape are the trees around you? What pressure do you feel on your feet? You can focus on a leaf for a few minutes and observe it well.


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