Ten laws of alignment with the universe

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Ten laws of alignment with the universe

1- Vacuum law:

According to the creation of Almighty God, the universe does not reflect the vacuum in our material world. And accordingly, whenever we empty a place (material, mental, etc.), the universe fills it with new and new things. Therefore, every person who becomes empty becomes more powerful. Get rid of hatred, jealousy, lies, hatred, and guilt. Likewise, empty your mind of scientific thoughts and possessions. Whatever knowledge you have, teach others to open the doors for new knowledge to enter.

2- Law of motion:

Whatever flows are more robust, and wherever there is stillness is poor. Similarly, everything that moves remains healthy and fresh, and everything that still rots and perishes. If the clear water stays stagnant for a few days, it will become a swamp. So, it would help if you had movement and dynamism for growth and development.

3- Law of order:

Focus on order in life so your brain gets used to this order. Write down your goals and do your actions regularly, believing you will achieve double results with regular activities.

4 laws of cleanliness:
One of the essential laws of nature is purity. Divine blessings are not attracted by impurities. Sin is impurity and shortens human life, and rejects God’s blessings.

5- Precipitation law:

Let it rain affection, let it rain respect, let it rain friendship, let it rain love, let it rain laughter, let it rain hope. The universe is the universe of forgiveness. The more water vapor the seas send to the sky, the more rain they absorb.

6- The law of getting up early:

All plants photosynthesize in the first hours of the day. The more early you are, the more sustenance you have. Longevity, happiness, vitality, beauty, and peace are in the dawn.

7- Law of addition:

One of the ways to align with the universe is the law of addition. Eat together, pray together, pray together, play together. Loneliness, depression, illness, and disharmony with the universe bring poverty and misery.

8- Law of coordination:

Being in harmony with being means being forgiving and letting go because you are. Do not be offended by the ingratitude of others. Be grateful to yourself. Be in harmony with the universe. Forgive unreservedly to be forgiven.

9- Law of diversity:

Look for updates. Diversity brings peace to man and attracts divine gifts. When we have variety, the spirit of work increases, and we absorb more energy.

10- The Law of Karma:

The law of karma means that whatever you do in this world, you will receive it. For example, if you do good to someone in this world, according to our labor law, many people will do good to you. If you do something terrible to someone, according to this law of karma, it won’t be good for you.


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