Ten movies of witchcraft and magic

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Ten movies of witchcraft and magic

The Wizard of Oz movie

Genre: family, adventure, fantasy, director: Victor Fleming, actors: Judy Garland, Frank Morgan, and Ray Bolger, year of release: 1939

Dorothy is a teenage girl who lives with her dog Toto on a farm in Kansas. That one stormy day smashes the earth and the sky together, takes Dorothy’s little dog, herself, and her wooden house, and places her on the ground in a strange land. In the city of Az, everything she sees seems odd. He decides to do whatever he can to go home. But the sorceress Naqla, who is looking to kill the evil witch of the east, creates obstacles in the way of Dorothy and the pure-hearted witch of the north.

Harry Potter Collection movie

Genre: Family, Fantasy, Adventure Actors: Daniel Radcliffe, Richard Harris, Emma Watson, and Rupert Greenall Released: 2001-2011

It all begins when the name of an orphaned boy named Harry Potter is linked with the name of one of the most infamous wizards in history. This dark wizard is slowly preparing for the final confrontation with his old adversary. At the same time, Harry is trained at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry under the supervision of expert teachers to prepare for this final and epic battle.

The Witch movie

Genre: Drama, Horror, Director: Robert Eggers, Actors: Anya Taylor-Joy, Ralph Inson, and Kate Dickies Released: 2015

We join a family in 17th century America exiled from the peaceful village where they lived to the outside world because of their religious beliefs. Now they are forced to live alone in a cabin among the forest’s trees. But it doesn’t take long for strange things to happen around the house, most of which involve the family’s children, mainly their eldest daughter, Thomasine. One day, while caring for the youngest family member, a baby, Thomasin notices that he has mysteriously disappeared. The insecure twins claim they can talk to the black goat in the stable, and Caleb, Thomasin’s younger brother, disappears during one of his excursions into the woods around the house

Dark Shadows movie

Genre: Horror, Comedy Director: Tim Burton Actors: Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Eva Greensall Released: 2012

The story of the film Dark Shadows begins in the 18th century when a family in one of the ports of Liverpool established their fishing business and became one of the city’s wealthiest and most successful families. Here, Johnny Depp plays the role of the only son of this family, Barnabas Collins, who rejects the love of their maid’s daughter, Angelique (played by Eva Green), and falls under her curse, A curse that turns Barnabas into a vampire after this opening scene, the story comes to the 20th century and 1972; A girl named Victoria comes to Liverpool from New York to work as a nurse at the Collins home. Unlike in the past, the Collinses do not have the power and wealth and only run regular businesses. Now it’s time for Barnabas, who has been imprisoned in an underground coffin for two centuries, to come to the aid of his family and revive their lost business. But all is not well, and the witch Angelique has dangerous plans for the family of her lost love.

Maleficent movie

Genre: Family, Adventure, Fantasy, Director: Robert Stromberg, Starring: Angelina Jolie, Ellie Fanning, and Charlotte Koplisal Released: 2014

A beautiful and kind-hearted girl named Maleficent lives in a peaceful forest until an invading army threatens the balance of their land. Maleficent is the most powerful protector of the forest, the person she trusts betrays her, and this causes her pure heart to turn to stone. Maleficent goes to war with the king for revenge and casts a spell on the little princess who…

Shaytan is a girl who lives in a vast and beautiful meadow with fairies and strange creatures. Khalang Zari, which is adjacent to the territory of humans. He has a pure and kind heart… One day, the guards of Khalangzar inform him that a petty thief has stolen a jewel from the lake and won’t return it. Maleficent goes to the thief, or Stephen tames him with a soft language, becomes a friend, and gets confidence in his friendship. Over time, Stefan’s ambitions distance him from Maleficent.
Meanwhile, Maleficent, the strongest fairy, took over the protection of Khalangzar. He sometimes went to the place where he thought Stephen was. Later, he hears that a growing force in the wastelands is determined to destroy him. The neighboring country’s king has promised his people to seize its fields and treasures. He, who was wounded in the war with Maleficent, wants to choose a successor before his death so that he can take care of his daughter Aurora, and whoever can kill Maleficent and avenge her will be his successor.

The Craft movie

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror Director: Andrew Fleming Starring: Robin Toney, Feroza Balk and New Campbell Year of release: 1996

The three girls, Frankie, Tabby, and Lourdes, try to block time with magic but fail because they need a fourth member. Lily Shekner moves to town with her therapist mother, Helen, to live with Helen’s boyfriend, Adam Harrison, and his three sons, Jacob, Isaiah, and Abe.

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Action Director: Tommy Virkola Starring: Jeremy Renner, Gemma Atherton and Geeter Stormmarshall Released: 2013

It tells the story of the adventure of a little brother and sister named Hansel and Gretel, who arrive at a house made of cake and chocolate one night in a dark forest and are imprisoned by an old witch. The witch forces Hansel to eat sweets and, on the other hand, prepares the oven to cook him. But the siblings combine to surprise the witch and throw him into the oven.

Years later, Hansel and Gretel became witch hunters and became famous. They get paid to destroy witches in different lands. Killing witches is relatively easy for them because they are immune to witches’ spells (because their mother was a white witch herself). Although Hansel now has diabetes due to eating the old witch’s sweets as a child and has to inject himself with insulin at certain times of the day.

They have now come to the city of Augsburg and have been called to cooperate by the mayor of Augsburg to find the missing children at the hands of witches. Inside the town, Hansel and Gretel prevent the execution of a girl named Mina, who is accused of witchcraft (but is a white witch), and Mina falls in love with Hansel instead.

into the woods

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Adventure Director: Rob Marshall Cast: Meryl Streep, Anna Kendrick, and Chris Pinzal Release: 2014

A baker and his wife, who desperately want to have a baby, make a deal with witchcraft to achieve their goal. The witch promises them a child if they can bring her a blood-red cloak (Little Red Riding Hood), a milk-white cow (Jack and the Beanstalk), shoes of pure gold (Cinderella), and some golden hair (Rapunzel). To obtain these items, the baker must travel deep into a dark and mysterious forest and fight a giant that threatens to destroy all the villagers.

Nightbooks movie

Genre: Family, Horror Director: David Yarovsky Starring: Winslow Figley, Lydia Jewett, and Christian Ritters Release Year: 2021

Night Movies is one of the movies released in 2021 from Netflix. David Yarovesky directed this film. The genre of the night books movie is fantasy and horror. When Alex is seemingly disqualified for his love of horror, he rips up his posters, throws away his Fangoria magazines, and takes his book of horror stories (called Night Books) to the basement of his apartment to burn. But instead of throwing away her stories, she finds herself in an apartment room with missing children and a piece of pumpkin pie. This apartment is not what it seems. Instead, Alex is trapped by an evil witch named Natacha (Krysten Ritter). He only keeps those who can be helpful to him, and for Alex, that means telling the witch a horror story every night to survive.

Gretel & Hansel movie

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Fantasy Director: Perkins Starring: Sophia Lillis, Samuel Leakey, and Alice Krijs Release Year: 2020

Gretel is several years older than her brother Hansel (played by Samuel Leakey). Gretel’s problems are complicated when her mother kicks her and her brother out of the house and tells them: “Get out of my house and dig your own grave out there.” They spend a night with the kind forest ranger (played by Charles Babalola). The forester feeds them and then gives them guidance and advice, but the journey of these siblings is very long and challenging. Strange things happen when Hansel and Gretel eat some wild mushrooms in the middle of the road. Just when it seems that they are lost and have lost everything, they come across a house in the middle of the forest; The curiosity of these siblings leads them to a table full of delicious food that seems to have been prepared for them. This house belongs to Hulda (played by Alice Courage), a strange older woman who invites Hansel and Gretel to eat and spend the night. While Hansel is more concerned with filling his belly, Gretel notices the strangeness of things from the start: the inside of the house is illogically much larger than it appears from the outside. Although the older woman had no garden or animals, no matter what food they ate, the table was never empty. Although Gretel is aware of the strangeness of the events, they decide to stay longer at Hulda’s house.


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