Ten movies that take you to another world

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Ten movies that take you to another world

Enola Holmes 1 Director: Harry Bradbayer Producer: Mary Parent Alex Garcia Millie Bobby Brown Paige Brown.

Enola’s charming and wonderful life undergoes significant changes on her sixteenth birthday. He finds out that his mother has left home without prior notice and has left nothing but a strange birthday present for him. After hearing this news, Sherlock and Mycroft return home after years away to investigate the situation. In Eudora’s absence, the traditionalist and inflexible Mycroft is now Enola’s guardian and decides to send her to an all-girls boarding school. Enola, who never succumbs to such pressures, runs away from home in search of her mother, following the clues left by her. The main plot of this movie appears when Enola meets a young lord named Viscount Tewkesbury, played by Louis Partridge, on the train. Like Enola, Viscount has run away from home, and his family is in a hurry to find him. Meanwhile, Viscount’s life seems in danger, and someone or a group plans to kill him. In addition to escaping from her brothers and searching for her mother, Enola decides to save the young master’s life and reveal the secret of the events surrounding him.

Enola Holmes 2 Director: Hari Bardbir Producer: Mary Parent. Alex Garcia. Ellie Mendez Millie Bobby Brown. Paige Brown.

Enola decides to open her detective agency. Unlike his famous brother Sherlock, he does not have a client. Until Enola’s newest adventure begins when a young girl who works in a match factory hires him to find her missing sister; of course, Enola can’t go it alone and needs the help of her friends, especially her brother Sherlock. Enola doesn’t take long to find herself on a high-risk chase across London, traveling from the city’s industrial underbelly to the glamorous high society parties.

Little Witch

“The Little Witch” is a film in the comedy-family and drama genre, directed by “Mike Shirer” and produced in 2018 in Germany and Switzerland. This movie depicts the story of a little wizard who considers himself the best and strongest wizard in the forest and has experienced many adventures until, one day. He faces a new and strange challenge.

Three Wishes for Cinderella

The movie Three Wishes for Cinderella, directed by Cecily E. Moseley, was made in 2021. This movie is produced in Norway, and the genre of family and fantasy, Cinderella lives with her evil stepmother and her spoiled stepsister. While walking in a snow-covered forest, he meets Prince Rana of his country, who will choose his future wife during a party in the palace


The movie Slumberland directed by Francis Lawrence will be made in 2022. This movie is produced in America and is in the genre of adventure and comedy. Nemo is a nine-year-old girl who lives with her father in a lighthouse far away from the world. One night, Nemo’s father never returns to the ocean to save a boat. After this incident, he is taken to his uncle’s house, sad and upset, to live there. Nemo enters a strange world of mysterious dreams with a plan to see his father again. He meets Flip, a wanted outlaw, and discovers many secrets about his father and uncle. Slumberland has an idea of the nature of the sleeping world. A couplet that looks at the category of sleep and dreams portrays a colorful fantasy to the best of its ability. This movie starts like all children’s movies, a bright room, a girl with her favorite doll, and a father telling her a story. The opening minutes of Slumberland promise a fascinating film, a world full of texture in a lighthouse as if heaven is going to descend there, but it doesn’t take long, and the hero separates us from this world and sends us to another place.

Max Reload and the Rare Destroyers is a 2020 movie directed by Scott Candid. The product of the country of America is in the genre of science fiction and adventure and is directed by Jeremy Tremp. The movie is about a boy named Max Jenkins who works in a video game store. Max finds the only remaining version of a mysterious game, and after playing it, he unwittingly releases evil forces into the real world. Now Max and his friends must find a way to escape from this predicament and…

Dragon Girl Genre: Family, Fantasy, Adventure Product of Norway Release year: 2020 Gina is a 9-year-old refugee on the run. Meanwhile, he befriends a newborn dragon on Christmas Eve. Now they decide to confront the people after them and return the little dragon to where it belongs, but…

“Emily and the Magical Journey,” a family-fantasy and children’s movie, was directed by “Marcus O’Neill” and produced in Sweden and America in 2020. The story of this movie is about a teenage girl named “Emily” who lives alone with her mother after her father. He wants to help his mother find happiness and learn about the father he never knew. Along the way, he finds a mysterious chest that takes him to a magical world…

Night Movies is one of the movies released in 2021 from Netflix. David Yarovesky directed this film. The genre of the night books movie is fantasy and horror. When Alex is seemingly disqualified for his love of horror, he rips up his posters, throws away his Fangoria magazines, and takes his book of horror stories (called Night Books) to the basement of his apartment to burn. But instead of throwing away her stories, she finds herself in an apartment room with missing children and a piece of pumpkin pie. This apartment is not what it seems. Instead, Alex is trapped by an evil witch named Natacha (Krysten Ritter). He only keeps those who can be helpful to him, and for Alex, that means telling the witch a horror story every night to survive.

Monster High is a 2022 movie directed by Todd Holland. This film is a product of America and Canada and is in the genre of action and adventure. “Monster High School” is the story of a girl who is half human and half werewolf. He finally finds a place he belongs to: Monster High School. But when his true identity is exposed with a sinister plan to destroy it, he must learn to accept his true monster heart and solve the problem.


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