Ten of the best and most exciting English series

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Ten of the best and most exciting English series

Vampire Diaries

Country of Manufacture: United States

Main language: English

Number of chapters: 8

Number of episodes: 171 episodes

Genre: Drama, Horror, Fantasy, Romance

Author : L.J. Smith

Actors: Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Steven R. McQueen, Katrina Graham, Candice Accola, Zach Roerig, Michael Trevino Matthew Davis, Michael Malarkey Joseph Morgan, Claire Holt, Daniel Gillies

This story tells about the memories and events of a vampire named Stephen Salvatore and a girl named Elena Gilbert, who both write their memories at the end of each day. For this reason, the title of this series has a hint because the title of this series can also mean “Vampire Diaries: that is, the Diaries that Stephen writes about himself,” and the diaries were written about a Vampire (by Elena Gilbert).
Stephen Salvatore, a vampire, comes to a new town and meets and meets a girl named Elena, and to get closer to Elena, he enrolls in the high school where Elena goes, and a relationship develops between him and Elena. Still, after a while, Stephen’s brother, Damon Salvatore, appears and causes problems that even lead to Elena realizing that Stefan and Damon are vampires. Still, she deals rationally with the excellent behavior she has seen from Stefan before and tries to deal with it. Come on, Stephen describes the story of his becoming a vampire in 1864, caused by a vampire girl named Catherine Pierce, and Damon tries to bring Catherine back when many vampires are accidentally released. Problems arise in the middle parts of the cause. Elena’s resemblance to Catherine is unmistakable: Elena was Catherine’s granddaughter. She was the stepchild of the Gilbert family. At the end of this season, Catherine returns to her former city.

The originals series is a series in the genre of drama and supernatural, which was aired on the CW television network between 2013 and 2018. The Asilha series has been broadcast for viewers in five seasons and 92 episodes. The first, second, and third seasons: have 22 episodes. The fourth and fifth seasons: have 13 episodes

This series is about the first family that became vampires. “Nicklaus-Klaus-Michaelson,” played by “Joseph Morgan,” is the family’s most prominent member and can be said to be the most powerful vampire. Of course, Klaus also has some abilities of werewolves and is considered a hybrid in a way. The members of this family, who have been living for several thousand years, have now returned to their original city, New Orleans, but they realize that this city is no longer under their control. Klaus returns to their big house in this city and becomes the king of New Orleans again.

Shadowhunters is an American fantasy-drama television series directed by Ed Docter.
Place of production: Toronto, Canada
Number of chapters: 3
The number of episodes:
First chapter: 13
Second chapter: 20
The third chapter (final chapter): 22

Clary Frichald (Katherine McNamara), a teenager from New York, enters the world of shadows on her eighteenth birthday following the disappearance of her mother, Jocelyn Frichald (Maxim Roy). He discovers that he is a Shadowhunter (half-human and half-angel) and is tasked with protecting the human world under Clio’s command, along with alliances with vampires, Slys, werewolves, and werewolves.

With the help of his best friend Simon Lewis (Albert Roussandeh), Jace Herondale (Dominic Sherwood), Alec Lightwood (Matthew Daddario), and Isabel Lightwood (Emeraud Tobiah), three of the best shadow hunter fighters, Luke Grovey (Isaiah Mustafa), the head of the city’s pack of werewolves. And NYPD member Magnus Bean (Harry Sham Jr.), Brooklyn’s most powerful overlord, tries to stop Valentine Morgenstern (Alan Van Sprang) by finding Jocelyn Frichald.

Manifest is an American television series created by Jeff Rick that began airing on NBC on September 24, 2018.
Flight 828 from Jamaica to New York suddenly disappears from the radar, and when it lands, more than five years and six months have passed since the start of their flight, and its passengers have undergone genetic changes, which were caused by the effect of Go on their brains. Seeing honest dreams and predicting future events. This series narrates the experiences of the passengers of this flight.

Peaky Blinders is a British crime drama television series created by Steven Knight.
Country of manufacture: England
Seasons: 6

The Peaky Blinders series is about an English gangster family named “Shelby,” run by the second brother named “Tommy Shelby” played by Cillian Murphy. The story begins when Tommy and his brothers and friends return home to “Birmingham” from the British Army after World War II. After his return, Tommy decides to take control of the city of Birmingham, but after a while, because of his ambition, he intends to expand his business and destroy anyone who stands in his way. In general, all the members of the Shelby family, the “Peaky Blinders” group members, are trying to keep the family’s name and tradition. The first brother of the family, “Arthur Shelby,” is a famous family, but the central brain of the family and the primary decision-maker is Tommy Shelby.

Lucifer is an American fantasy crime drama television series created by Tom Kapinus
Country of Manufacture: United States
Main language: English
Number of chapters: 6
Number of episodes: 93

The story of this series is about Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis), a charming and mighty angel who was thrown out of heaven due to rebellion. Lucifer, as Satan, is tired of spending millions of years as the Lord of Hell and punishing sinners, becoming bored and unhappy with his life in Hell. So to defy his father (God), he abandons his throne and moves his kingdom to Los Angeles, where he runs his nightclub, Lux. When Lucifer becomes involved in a murder case, he meets Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German). After helping the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) solve a murder case by using his powers to understand people’s innermost desires, Lucifer is a consultant to Chloe in the subsequent investigation. In this series, they encounter otherworldly beings while solving the case, and a relationship is formed between them.

the Witcher

Genre: action, adventure, fantasy

Manufacturer: Loren Schmidt Hisrich Country of Manufacture: United States of America, Poland
Main language: English
Number of chapters: 3
Number of episodes: 21
Geralt of Rivia, a wizard and mutant hunter of monsters called the Witcher, is trying to find his place in this world full of monsters and cruel people. The hand of fate guides the Witcher to powerful wizards and a young princess with an exceptional gift. Now all three must learn to find their way in this continent full of violence in line with the goal they are pursuing.
The story of The Witcher takes place in a fantasy world inspired by the Middle Ages and describes the lives of Geralt of Rivia, Yennefer of Wengerberg, and Princess Ciri, whose fates are linked together. Henry Quill, Freya Allen, and Anya Chalotra are the stars of this series. It is said that Henry Quill, who played the role of Witcher, will leave this series after the third season, and Liam Hemsworth will take his place in the series.

Paper House (in Spanish: La casa de papel), which is known as a money heist in America

Genre: crime, action, thriller, adventure.

Producer: Alex Pina
Country of manufacture: Spain
Main language: Spanish
Number of chapters: 5
Number of episodes: 48
The story of the money theft series is about a group of professional thieves with personal management named Professor. The Professor, the mastermind of this group, designs a big robbery plan for the National Mint of Spain. He has thought and worked hard for years to plan this plan accurately and smartly, and now it is time to implement his plan. Each of the thieves in this group has reasons for cooperating with the Professor’s plan.
In order not to reveal their identity, the members of this group choose the name of one of the different capitals of the world according to the Professor’s order. Names like Moscow, Berlin, Tokyo, Nairobi, Denver, Oslo, Rio, and Helsinki. Their robbery plan succeeds with many risks and dangers, and now they think they have failed. During this operation, the Professor and his team manage to commit a historical robbery and rob the Spanish National Mint.

the walking dead

Horror, apocalypse, zombie

Country of Manufacture: United States
Main language: English
Number of chapters: 11
Number of episodes: 177
The story of the Walking Dead series takes place after the zombie attack and in a post-apocalyptic world. Zombies, known as walkers, attack and eat humans and other creatures. They are attracted to sounds like gunshots and human smells. Although at first, it seems that only humans who zombies bite turn into zombies, little by little, the essence of the story becomes clear. The only way to kill zombies is for people to shoot or hit them in the head and then dispose of their corpses.

The main character of the Walking Dead series is a sheriff named Rick Grimes who, after coming out of a coma, realizes that zombies have ruled the world. He leads a group of survivors in Atlanta who plan to survive in this chaotic world. Not only are they attacked by zombies, but they also have to deal with other groups of survivors throughout The Walking Dead.


Genre: action, drama, science fiction
Producer: Jason Rothenberg
Country of manufacture: America
Main language: English
Number of chapters: 7
Number of episodes: 100
Ninety-seven years after a devastating nuclear apocalyptic war wiped out nearly all life on Earth, thousands of people now live on an orbiting space station they call the Ark. Three generations have been born in space. The population of the space station exceeds its carrying capacity. A hundred teenagers were arrested in the last attempt to determine if the Earth is habitable. They are sent to the ground. They discover that some have survived the apocalypse. The remaining people on Earth, called Earthlings, live in tribes, and those in Montweather are called Mountain Men. The mountain men have turned a small number of earthlings into cannibals (reapers) to further their goals using the reapers. Under the leadership of Bellamy and Clarke, the teenagers try to survive the difficult situation.
Forty-eight of the remaining detainees were captured and transported to Montvédère by Mount Mardan. The Mountain Men are transfusing blood from the prisoners in the basement as an anti-radiation method because their bodies are not adapted to deal with the residual radiation on Earth. Forty-Eight’s medical tests reveal that their bone marrow allows the mountain men to survive outside the shelter, So they start taking bone marrow from the youth. Meanwhile, the space station’s inhabitants have crashed in various stations on Earth and formed alliances with Earth to save their lives, and the main settlement in Alpha Station is named “Camp Jaha.”


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