Ten of the best animations for learning English

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Ten of the best animations for learning English

Elemental animation is an American work Built in 2023
Producer: Dennis Rim Director: Peter Sohn

The main character, Ember, is a challenging and witty young woman made of fire who befriends her polar opposite in both elements and personality: the calm and emotional Wade, a young man made of water. Since touching Wade hurts Amber, their friendship causes her to rethink her beliefs about the world.

انیمیشن روی ماه
نویسنده: Audrey Wells, Jennifer Yee McDevitt نام سازنده: Peilin Chou, Gennie Rim کارگردان: Glen Keane, John Kahrs کشور سازنده: چین، ایالات متحده آمریکا

Feifei, a young Chinese girl, has been grieving for four years after her mother’s death, unable to see her father with a new partner. So Phi Phi decides to build a rocket ship to travel to the moon with her pet rabbit (her best friend) and discover her mother’s favorite legend, which includes the story of the Moon Goddess. Feifei believes that if she can prove the existence of Chang (the moon goddess), her father will remember that “love never dies” and not try to take her mother’s place.

Animation onward(2020)
Writer and director: Dan Scanlon

Magic was a part of people’s lives thousands of years ago, but it seems it has no place today. A teenage elf named Ian receives a special gift from his mother on his sixteenth birthday; A memento from his father, including a charm and a magic wand. This spell can bring Yan’s father, who died before his birth, back to life for one day. Ian uses magic, but his brother arrives in the middle of his work, and his concentration is interrupted. The magic half works, and the two brothers see only their father’s feet.
They decide to perfect the magic, and for this, they go on an adventurous journey. They will see their father if they can finish their half-finished work before sunset. Otherwise, they will lose this opportunity forever.

turning red(2022)
Director: Domi Shi
Producer: Lindsay Collins

This animation tells the story of Mylin, a Chinese-Canadian girl who becomes a giant red panda when she experiences strong emotions. This incident is a metaphor for puberty experiences. The sections that include music will help you remember the words better. On the other hand, since the story’s main character is a teenager, he has experienced the worlds of children and adults. He presents a wide range of English words and expressions with an American accent.

Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas Year of production: 2003 Director: Tim Johnson

The legendary sailor is targeted by the goddess Eris for stealing the Book of Peace and must travel to her realm at the end of the world to retrieve it and save the life of his childhood friend, Prince Proteus.

رایا و آخرین اژدها (2021)
کارگردان: پل بریگز، دین ولینز. تهیه کننده: اوسنات شورور، پیتر دل وچو

There is a girl named Raya who lives among a beautiful and happy tribe in a land where magical dragons once lived, which was turned into a wasteland by Durons (demonic forces). Still, Raya travels with the last dragon to different places to complete a kind of jewel until they reach the final piece, which is in the hands of the head of a tribe, but the daughter of the leader of that dragon’s tribe is Akhrin. He kills the dragon, and the Dorons attack, and the chief of that tribe and several others are turned to stone Raya and her friends, along with the daughter of the director of that tribe, take the people out. Still, the jewel’s power gradually decreases, and they are trapped. Raya understood that the power of the treasure came from trust and gave all the pieces to the daughter of the chief of that tribe with conviction, but she and her friends turned it into stone. He glued all the pieces together and turned them into stone himself. The power of the dwindling gem suddenly became strong and destroyed all the Durons, and it rained, and all the petrified became dragons or humans again.

Mune: Guardian Moon (2014) Director: Alexander Heboyan and Benoit Philippon French movie

Meon is chosen for the essential and challenging task of guarding the moon quite suddenly when he goes to watch the selection ceremony of the new guardians. He, who has no experience and training for this work, starts the night by mistake on the very first day, earlier than usual. The new guardian of the sun, Sohoon, decides to leave his post to help Meon and the sun is gone without a guardian for a few minutes, and this short time causes an opposing force to steal the sun. Miun and Suho, who are a little lost, must be able to start their work as soon as possible and, with the help of their new friend Glim, find the sun and bring it back. Otherwise, the darkness will destroy their entire planet forever.

Sing (2016) Director: Garrett Jennings Producer: Chris Maldandri Janet Haley

In the world of anthropomorphic animals, an optimistic koala (Matthew McConaughey) named Buster Moon owns a music hall and dreams of making a lot of money in this way; Because the first time he went to a music performance with his father as a child, he became very interested. Faced with financial difficulties, Buster tells his friend Eddie Noodleman (John C. Reilly) that he will hold a singing competition. Buster’s assistant, Mrs. Crowley, loses her prosthetic eye, which causes Mrs. Crowley to mistakenly set the contest’s $1,000 prize with two extra zeros at $100,000, and game ads leak out of Buster’s office before they can be checked.
Seeing this advertisement, animals gather around the city to participate in the selection competition. Those chosen include Rosita (Reese Witherspoon), a housewife and mother of 25, a street rat named Mike (Seth MacFarlane), a gorilla gangster named Johnny (Taron Egerton), a punk rock hedgehog named Ash (Scarlett Johansson), and a teenage elephant named Mina (Tori Kelly).

Angry Birds 2016

Director: Kelly Kaitis,

Producer: John Cohen, Kathryn Winder,

Writer: John Witty

A bird who lives on the island of birds. Red was born an orphan from the beginning, and he has constantly been ridiculed because of the shape of his eyebrows, which shows him to be angry. Because of her high contentment with him, Red is sentenced by the court to participate in anger management classes. In the meantime, a strange ship suddenly arrives on their land, a boat full of green pigs whose boss is named “Leonard.” They enter the land of birds with the slogan of friendship. At first, he takes a negative attitude towards the pigs, but the other birds disagree and welcome the pigs. Red, who realizes that the birds are not warm, goes to the top of Eagle Mountain with two of his friends (Bomb and Chuck) to find the legendary eagle that comes to help the birds when they are in trouble. Red finds the mythical eagle, but the eagle refuses to help them; Red is disappointed and tries to Take over the flow itself. During the program, the pigs entertain the birds and steal their eggs; they get on their ship and leave the bird island for their island. At this time, the birds are helpless and regretful; they come to Red and ask him for a solution and help. Red asks them to give up their positivity. The birds find their way to their land through the boxes left by the pigs’ ship and cross the sea to their land. The birds start attacking the pigs to get their eggs back. In the middle of the story, the legendary eagle changes and comes to their aid. Finally, Red and the other birds get their eggs back and return to their land.

Hotel Transylvania 2012

Count Dracula builds a hotel for monsters, where they can stay without worry, but when a human enters, everything goes awry.

From the eyes of the monsters, we are evil creatures. And they think they are persecuted by humans and endangered.

Count Dracula has fled to Transylvania with his young daughter Mavis after losing his wife in a human attack on his castle. There he builds Hotel Transylvania, an expensive cozy place for monsters. A place where they can rest without fear of being disturbed by humans. Regular guests include Frankenstein and Mami. They are all gathered to celebrate Mavis’s 118th birthday. During the ceremony, a human boy named Jonathan walks out of there. Dracula, who no longer kills anyone, prefers to pass off this lost adventurer boy as Frankenstein’s cousin and introduce him to the hotel’s customers. But by bad luck, vampire Jonathan meets Mavis and sparks of love fly between them


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