Ten of the Korean series of 2023

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Ten of the Korean series of 2023

Crash Course in Romance

Genre: romantic comedy
Author: Yang Hye-sung
Director: Yoo Jae Won
Country of manufacture: South Korea
Main language: Korean
Number of episodes: 16 [3]
This series is about a woman named Hong Seon-nam, who used to be a national athlete but now runs a grocery store; He has a highly positive and stable personality; On the other hand, Choi Chi-yul is a famous private trainer who always works hard but has a sensitive and indifferent nature; But everything changes when Hong Sun Nam and Choi Chi Yul meet each other.

“Call it love.”
A South Korean series in the romance and drama genre
Directed by: Lee Kwang-yong
“16 episodes”

In the summary of the Call It Love series, it is said that it is about Woo Joo, who, when he finds out about his father’s betrayal, ultimately falls apart and changes a lot. After Woo Joo’s father’s death, his father’s mistress kicks him out of her house. Woo Joo decides to get revenge on Marhoosh’s father’s lover by calling Dong Jin close to him but falls in love with him as he spends more time with her.


Movie genre: Mystery, Exciting imaginary
Publication year: 2023
Product: South Korea
Director: Lee Jung Rim
The series story is about a young woman named Ko Sun-young (played by Kim Tae-ri), who works part-time during the day and studies at night to become a public officer. Meanwhile, after a memento from his late father is found, mysterious deaths happen around Koo Sun-young, and he slowly changes himself. On the other hand, Yeom Hye-sang (played by Oh Jung-se) is a university professor who can see demons, whose mother was killed by a nightmare when he was a child. In the meantime, when Hae Sang meets Sun Young, he encounters the devil who killed his mother and…

The Black Knight series is produced in South Korea, is in the action and science fiction genre, and was directed by Ken Scott in 2023.
Country of manufacture: South Korea
Main language: Korean
Number of episodes: 6
In the Black Knight series: In a future where the world has become a ruin due to air pollution, the lives of the remaining humans depend on a group of couriers known as the “Black Knights.” These black knights move through the ruins in unusual ways.

Celebrity 2023, directed by Kim Cheol-kyu and written by Kim Yi-young, is also a thriller-mystery-drama about the glamorous world of Korean influencers and various issues that arise in the world of these people. It happens. It pays.
The celebrity series is just like its name. It is an exciting combination of a psychological thriller with elements of drama and a hefty dose of mystery. The series tells the story of Su A Ri, a young woman who does not aspire to become a famous internet star, but her life changes dramatically, to her surprise. Ari is quickly gaining millions of fans and supporters, but only some things are as colorful as it seems. Dark secrets, intrigues, and threats are hidden behind the glossy facade. And yes, what does it do? He decides to blow up this whole hypocritical business.
All the people of Korea are in big shock because Soo Ari (Park Gyu-yong), the most celebrity in Korea and the one whose death caused a big stir a few months ago, promised his fans in a live show that Reveal the ‘cheat codes’ of famous people in the world of social media.


The Hounds series is a work of South Korea, which was released in 8 episodes in June 2023 by Netflix.
The synopsis of the Korean series Hounds states that this action and crime series is about Kim Geun-woo, a rookie and cautious boxer, who faces the famous southern boxer Hong Woo-jin in a match and narrowly wins the game. Meanwhile, Geun-woo becomes fast friends with two ex-marines, and as they grow closer, his financial problems and family debts become more and more. Geun-woo signs a considerable loan to pay off his debts and save his cafe but finds out he’s been targeted by Smile Capital, a debt-hunting organization. Geun-woo and Woo-jin do their best to break free from this organization until…

Name: I see you in my 19th life

Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Drama, Romance Release: 2023
Korean Language
Number of episodes: 12
See You in My 19th Life 2023 is about a girl named Ban Ji-om (played by Shin Hae-san) who has been reincarnated for nearly a thousand years and can recall all her past lives. To remember But after his 18th life ends prematurely due to a tragic accident, Ban Ji-um decides to connect with the people from his previous life in his 19th life and…

The Good Bad Mother

Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama
Release year: 2023
Korean Language
Number of episodes: 14
The Good Bad Mother 2023 is about a single mother named Young Sun who raised her son Kang Ho alone. Despite her love for her child, Young Sun was very strict in raising her, which made Kang Ho see her as a hard-hearted mother. Now Kang Ho has become a cold-blooded prosecutor and distanced himself from his mother, but an unexpected accident causes Kang Ho to lose his memory, and his mind returns to his childhood…

the king land
Genre: romantic comedy
Producer: Chun Song Il
Author: Choi Rom
Director: Im Hyun Wook
Country of manufacture: South Korea
Main language: Korean
Number of episodes: 16
The series King the Land 2023 is about a young man named Go Won (played by Lee Junho), the heir to the King Group, a luxury hotel chain now involved in a war over an inheritance. Meanwhile, Cheon Sa-rang (played by Im Yoon-ah) is a hotelier who always has a smile on her face until she meets Go-won and…

Dr. Cha
Genre: Family drama/comedy/Medical

Main language: Korean

Production year: 2023
Number of episodes: 16 episodes
Dr. Cha series is the life story of Dr. Cha Jung-suk, starring (Aum Jung-Hwa). Om Jung-hwa graduated from the medical field twenty years ago. He spent these twenty years as a housewife for some reason until one day she was taken to the hospital due to a sudden illness of her leg and found an experience and realized what years he has not lost. He now decides to return to the field of medicine. His wife, Soo In-soo (Kim Byung-Chul), is also a doctor, and his son is a first-year resident.

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