Ten of the most beautiful traditional clothes in the world

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Ten of the most beautiful traditional clothes in the world

1. Kimono, Japan

Kimono is a traditional Japanese garment, a full-length garment with long, loose sleeves that covers the legs and is made of bright, cheerful colors. Today, most women wear kimonos, too, for special social occasions. Of course, some women and even older men use kimonos as their daily clothes, but this traditional dress is primarily used in Japanese tea ceremonies and weddings. The overall shape of men’s and women’s kimono has remained unchanged over the years and has maintained its originality. Kimono means politeness and respect.

2. Korea, Hanbok

Hanbok is a traditional Korean dress worn by royal families and nobles in ancient times. Not only women but also men wear it. This dress consists of a long skirt, blouse, and jacket; men also add pants. Hanbok is recognized by its simple line style, cheerful coloring, and lack of pockets. This dress model is used in formal or semi-formal celebrations.

3. China, Cheongsam

The traditional Chinese dress, known as cheongsam in Chinese and qipao in Mandarin, was worn by royal families in ancient times. This dress is made of high-quality silk and is worn by women only at weddings and special events such as festivals.

4. Philippines, Saya gunpowder

The Filipino people’s traditional dress is called baro’t saya, which consists of a collarless blouse with butterfly-style sleeves and a skirt decorated with European ornaments. This dress is used by people of the upper class of society and by the middle and lower classes, with the difference that the upper classes use better fabrics and more decorations.

5. Norway, Bonad

Bunad is the name of the traditional clothing of the Norwegian people, which both men and women use. This dress is a long, relatively loose shirt decorated with different fabrics and designs. The designs of this dress are also taken from the traditional and ethnic structures of the people of that region. Bonad is worn at weddings, church, festivals, and other official celebrations

6. Vietnam, Avaday

Vietnamese people wear a traditional dress called ao dai in ceremonies such as weddings, festivals, and special occasions. Avadai means beauty and simplicity. This dress model includes a long shirt with bright and cheerful colors, worn with accessories such as a big hat and sandals or leather shoes.

7. Germany, Lederhosen

Germany is one of the countries that still preserves its old and traditional clothing in ceremonies, and the production of this clothing is a thriving industry in this modern land. Conventional German clothing is called “lederhosen,” which means leather pants worn at festivals and weddings. These clothes have slight differences in different areas. Short leather pants with knee-length socks, a woolen alpine hat (a protruding brim), and a white shirt are the traditional clothing for men.
Men wear thick leather shoes with these clothes. The traditional dress of women also includes a long skirt, a white apron, and a lace top, which in the old days was for the German working class. Women wear heels with decorative buckles along with this dress. The colors used in this traditional dress model are happy and bright.

8. Russia, Belarusian clothes

Since the climate of Russia is cold, the traditional clothes of the people of this country are also designed to warm the body well. Their traditional dress is known as “Belarusian dress,” created in bright colors and consists of a long shirt with a short jacket. Unlike conventional dresses, this is worn only at special events such as weddings or festivals. Belarusian clothes have been announced as the most beautiful clothes in the world.

9. India, Surrey

A sari is an unstitched strip of fabric between 4 and 9 meters long wrapped around the body in various ways. This garment is popular in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Burma, and Malaysia. The sarees are decorated with precious stones and hand-woven fabrics, so you have to pay a lot to buy them. There are different types of sari, and it is worn as a formal dress on holidays and luxurious parties.

10. Austria, Tracht

Tracht is a type of traditional clothing used in German-speaking countries. Although this dress is worn initially in Bavaria and the land of Austria, it is also widespread throughout Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and other parts of northwestern Europe. This dress is inspired by the clothing of peasants and villagers in southern Germany and northern Austria, also known as Landausmode.


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