Ten of the most beautiful words of Celebrities

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Ten of the most beautiful words of Celebrities

Selena Gomez :
Everyone is in your life for different reasons to teach you a particular lesson!

Rihanna :
You don’t want to be someone else when you learn to love yourself.

Zain Malik :
If people are talking behind you, it is because you are ahead of them.

Justin Bieber :
No matter how talented you are, not everyone will like you, but this is life, stay strong.

Ariana Grande :
Know that you are perfect just the way you are

Cardi B :
I’d rather have money and be heartbroken than have no money and be heartbroken.

Camilla :
There is no freedom like the freedom of self-acceptance.

Taylor Swift :
Be yourself; no one is better than you.

Adel :
Of course, I have insecurities, but I don’t hang out with someone who points them out to me.

Deva Lipa :
Self-love is not selfish.

Olivia :
Showing a little kindness has a significant impact on your life

Katy Perry :
Be yourself so you can be anything.

Namjoon (BTS)
No one is ugly; Only we live in a judgmental society ❤️

We all have the power to rise again.


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