Ten of the most watched Korean series

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Ten of the most watched Korean series

The series “Moon Lovers” was produced in South Korea in 2016 and is a historical and romantic genre that tells the story of the reincarnation of a young girl in the Goryeo period. Her falling in love with two princes, and the focus of the story of the series, in addition to this romantic narrative, is on the princes’ competition for possession. It is the throne. The series’ name probably refers to the princes (lovers) who show attention and interest to Hee-soo (moon); Refers.

Country of manufacture: South Korea
Main language: Korean
Number of episodes: 20 + 2 special episodes
During a total solar eclipse, a 25-year-old woman in the 21st century, Go Ha Jin (Lee Ji Won), is transported back to the Goryeo Dynasty. In 941, he awakens in He Su’s body among the many royal princes of the Wang family during the reign of King Taeju. At first, she falls in love with the eighth prince Wang Wook (Kang Ha-Nool), a calm and warm-hearted man. Still, later, he meets Wang Soo (Lee Joon Gi), the fourth prince, who hides his scary face behind a mask and is constantly humiliated for it. Hae-soo finds herself unwittingly involved in palace politics and the rivalry of princes who fight each other to dominate the throne.

What’s Wrong, Secretary Kim

Written by Jung Eun-young and directed by Park Joon-hwa
Actors: Park Soo-Jun Park Min Young
Country of manufacture: South Korea
Main language: Korean
Number of episodes: 16
Genre: Comedy, Romantic
Lee Yong-joon (Park Soo-joon) is the vice president of a large company. His world is shaken when one day, his competent secretary Kim Mi-soo (Park Min-young), announces that she is resigning after working for Lee Yong-Joon for nine years. After talking to his best friend, who also happens to be the chairman of his company, Yong-joon decides to do whatever he can to ensure Mi-soo stays by his side.

Hellbound is one of the Korean supernatural series released on November 19, 2021, from Netflix. Ahl Jahanan series has a good start and makes the audience watch the next episodes.
The story of Hellbound goes like this: a man sits in a coffee shop nervously, panicking and trembling, staring at his phone and counting down the seconds. Suddenly the ground shakes, and three substantial gray creatures that look like The Thing from the Fantastic Four appear out of nowhere. They are demons sent from Hell to burn people whose lives have expired and take them to Hell. They set up a time to show everyone the tormenting eternity that awaits this man. The hellish creatures follow him and beat him to death. Then they circle him, burn him with an explosion of light and fire, and suck his life. Only a dismembered and unrecognizable skeleton remains from the man’s body.
This sequence is a powerful opening for Hellbound.
The Hellbound series takes place in a fantasy version of Earth, where supernatural beings suddenly appear from another world to drag humans to Hell. These bizarre events cause a lot of chaos and confusion in society, thus enabling the new truth religious group to increase their power and influence. However, several people become suspicious of their activities and begin to investigate the involvement of this group in these mysterious events. Meanwhile, people hear predictions about the time of their death. When that time comes, the angel of death appears before them and kills them.

the word of the married

Genre: drama, novel, family
Author: Jo Hyun
Director Mo Wan Il, Kim Seong Jin
Country of manufacture: South Korea
Main language: Korean
Number of episodes: 16
Ji Seon-oh is a famous and successful doctor with a filmmaker wife younger than him. Soon-Oh and her husband have a teenage son named Lee Jong-Young, and their life is full of love and peace. One day, Soon-oh finds a strand of red hair on his wife Tae-oh’s scarf. Although Sun-Oo trusts Tae-Oo, he does not let go of his doubt and anxiety, which makes him pursue Tae-Oo. On the day of his wife’s birthday, for which he had prepared a lot, he saw a photo of a red-haired girl with his wife who went out with his friends. In a fraction of a second, the world turns dark for Soon-Oh, and he does something he shouldn’t.


Genre: historical, political, scary, terrifying, resurrection of zombies
Country of manufacture: South Korea
Main language: Korean
Number of chapters: 2
Number of episodes: 12 [2]
The series occurs during the Joseon Dynasty and a few years after the Japanese attack on Korea (1515-1592). The first season depicts the story of Crown Prince Lee Chang (Joo Ji-hoon), who becomes embroiled in a political coup/conspiracy and is forced to embark on a mission to investigate a mysterious disease outbreak affecting the current king and the southern provinces; A disease that causes victims to be resurrected as the walking dead. The story opens with a proclamation claiming that “the King of Chosen is dead and the Crown Prince must be immediately crowned as the new king.” But inside the palace, the king is seriously ill, and for the past ten days, he has been treated in secret, and no one is allowed to visit him, not even the crown prince himself. Late at night, the crown prince sneaks into the palace to meet his father and tries to find out the truth. But instead of his father, he faces the shadow of a wild monster. Accompanied by Doctor Sobi (Bae Donna), the mysterious Yong Shin (Kim Seung Kyu), and his bodyguard Moyang (Kim Sang Ho), Prince Lee Chang must stop the disease from advancing toward the capital, Hanyang (present-day Seoul). He must also foil an evil coup by Minister Cho Hak-joo (Ryu Seung-Yong) and his family to seize the throne.

return of the soul

The adventures take place in a magical land called “Dahu.” All living things in this world have energy; those who can control them are called magicians. Among the spells that these magicians perform, there is a spell called “soul change” or alchemy and moving the soul to another body, done with the help of ice stone and only by magicians with high spiritual power, but because of its danger. It is forbidden, and anyone who does it will be punished. Nak-soo (Go Yong-Jung), the greatest assassin in Dahu, is seriously injured during a battle with the head of witches and runs away. With the last of his energy, he transfers his soul with the help of a forbidden spell and enters the body of a blind girl named Moo Deok (Jung Soo Min). Mo Duk meets Jang Wook (Lee Jae Wook), the only son of the Jang family, one of the four most potent wizarding families. John Wook immediately realizes that Naxo’s soul is in Modoc’s body and offers to become his secret master in exchange for Modoc’s life. Now powerless in Modoc’s body, Nak-soo accepts Jung-wook’s offer to stay hidden as his servant and help him grow as a mage.

big mouth

Number of episodes: 16Genre: action, thriller, crimePark Chang-ho is an unsuccessful lawyer who only succeeds in 10% of his cases and is called a big mouth because he talks more than he does. As a result of events, Chang Ho gets involved in a murder case. To survive and support his family, he infiltrates the people of the upper class of society and exposes them.

You’re beautiful

Number of episodes: 16
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Musical

The series “You are beautiful” is another star-studded series that was released in the same year shortly after the boys of the best from Gol and won the hearts of the audience again. You are beautiful series is about a music group whose members are really famous Korean singers and musicians. Actors such as Park Shin-hee, Jang Kun-suk, Lee Hong-gi and Jung Yong-hwa play.

Story of the series: Go Mi Nam and Go Min Yoo are twin siblings who spent their childhood in an orphanage. Min Nam has always dreamed of becoming a singer and joining a famous music group, and Min Yoo dreams of joining a church and becoming a nun. Now that many years have passed since the childhood of these two people, their dream is coming true. Min Yoo is taking monastic courses at the church and Mi Nam has also managed to join a famous music group, but since he has a surgery in America, he cannot attend the group on time. Min Yoo’s program manager asks Min Yoo to fill his place and join the band as a singer. In the following, Min Yoo, who has now left the church to put himself in his brother’s place, experiences interesting adventures.

the heirs

number of episodes: 20

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama

Warisan aired in 2013 and was placed in the category of high school series or romantic comedies suitable for teenagers. Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye have played roles in this series. The Warisan series has 20 episodes and was broadcast on the SBS channel.

The series’ story: Kim Tan is the heir of a famous company in Korea, whose nephew sent him to America by force to get rid of him. In America, Kim Tan meets and falls in love with Cha Un-sung, despite being engaged to a girl named Rachel, who is the heiress of another company. Now Kim Tan must choose between his love and his responsibility as the heir of a large and influential company.

silent sea

Number of episodes: 8

Genre: science fiction, mystery, thriller

If you want a sci-fi short series with the theme of space, astronauts, and galaxy to warm your head for a weekend, you should watch Silent Sea. This series is an adaptation of a short film called the sea of Tranquility, both directed by the same person. It is about scientists going to the moon to return a sample to Earth.

The series’ story: Shortly, the lack of water and drought will plague the Earth and its inhabitants. A hand-picked group of scientists travels to the moon to bring back a sensitive and unknown substance like water. The place where the research will be conducted is a base called “Bal Ha,” where 117 other scientists were staying a few years ago, but for mysterious reasons, they were all killed. Now that the new group has arrived at this base, they gradually realize the mysteries related to this scary water-like substance.


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