Ten of the strangest islands in the world

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Ten of the strangest islands in the world

1. Crab Island

We’ve all seen crabs, but they rarely are out of water. There is only one island in the world that crabs occupy. Christmas Island is an island in Queensland, Australia, which is now known as Crab Island. Millions of red crabs visit this island every year and can be seen everywhere in the forest, house, bus station, etc. When the crabs reach the streets, they turn them into blood. Sometimes these crabs are destroyed by passing vehicles.

Australia is one of the countries with the most islands and has beautiful nature. Christmas Island, located in southeast Australia, is one of these islands. Discovered on Christmas 1643, the island sees millions of red crabs migrate from the forest to the beach every year to breed. At the beginning of the rainy season, these crabs migrate in groups and turn the land of this island red. This migration happens simultaneously throughout Christmas Island and is one of the most spectacular scenes in the world. Migration of red crabs takes between 5 and 7 days.

2. Rabbit Island

(Ekonoshima Island in Japan

Takehara, Hiroshima Prefecture)

Visiting this tourist attraction is free
Duration of visiting this attraction: between 2 and 3 hours

The island of Ekonoshima, which is also called the island of rabbits, does not naturally have a habitat suitable for rabbits. According to Japanese stories, this island has dark history and roots. In 1929, the Imperial Japanese Army was using the island as a secret site for the production of poison gas, and rabbits were transported to Ekonoshima for testing. According to reports, some of these rabbits managed to escape before being tested and remained on the island until the end of World War II.

3. Snake Island

Snake Island is an island off the coast of Brazil in the Atlantic Ocean and is located 33 km from the bay of São Paulo.
The area of this place reaches about 430 thousand square meters, located at a height of 206 meters above sea level. It has a moderate climate and a green cover similar to dense forests, which has made snakes able to surprise their prey by hiding among trees and plants. About 100,000 years ago, this island was separated from America due to the rise of the sea level. Because of this, snakes were trapped there and continued to live. This has caused this island to become one of the forbidden places that tourists are not allowed to visit, and only researchers and research teams can be present on this island to collect their data.

According to the research, about 2000 poisonous snakes live on this island, among which the golden viper is the most toxic and dangerous. About 90% of the deaths from snake bites in Brazil were due to the poisonous bite of this snake. It should be mentioned that the venom of this viper is 3 to 5 times more deadly than other snakes. According to locals, 1 to 5 snakes live in each square meter. The primary food source for these snakes is migratory birds because there is almost no other food source. The exciting thing about this island is that they have seen other species, including the giant tarantula and the big tegu lizard.

4. Cat island

Aoshima Island is an island in the south of Japan known as the Island of Cats because of its many cats. This Island, which is famous for fishing, is occupied by cats these days, and the number of cats living on this Island has become six times the number of rural residents who live there. At the same time, watching thousands of cats in the corners of Aoshima has become one of the tourist attractions of this Island.About a century ago, a fisherman was the first to migrate to this Island and brought some cats to fight pests and rats. Initially, the number of people living on this Island was more. Still, with the decrease in the fishing industry’s growth, this Island’s population gradually decreased. In 1945, about 900 people lived here, but now this number is much less.Most of the residents of this Island are pensioners and old retirees, and thanks to the cats and the arrival of a large number of tourists, they can make money for themselves. The increase in the number of hungry cats on this Island has turned into one of the tourist attractions of this Island.

5. Jaws Island

This island is located in False Bay (Falls) in South Africa. About 65,000 jaws live in an area the size of 5 hectares of False Bay in Cape Town. Due to their large population, you will usually find these jaws in a mass on top of each other, they are using the small granite land of this island as a home, and they are rapidly breeding!

6. Chicken Island

This island full of chickens and roosters is in America’s air. The story of the creation of this island is more interesting than itself. In 1992, a hurricane named “Iniki” destroyed the chicken nests on the island of Kauai. The chickens released from the cage quickly flew into the forest! Now the island is home to thousands of wild chickens and roosters and chickens scattered all over the island.

7. Monkey Island

Monkey Island in Cayo Santiago, Puerto Rico, is one of the most essential resources in the world for research on primate behavior. This island has about 1000 monkeys that freely roam the island. The first group of these monkeys was brought to this island by scientists in 1938.

8. Island of ponies

These miniature and beautiful horses live on Stig Island in America. Off the coast of the Del Marva Peninsula on the border of Maryland and Virginia, there is an island full of wild horses. These happy ponies are frolicking on the white sandy beaches of Essen Island. Unfortunately, more than 1000 of these horses left the island, private breeders bought them, and now only 300 remain there.

9. Quake Island

This is the same animal whose photo was published on virtual networks as the happiest animal in the world not long ago! When Europeans first encountered the quack, they thought it was a giant rat! Quakeha Island is located on Rutgers Island, Australia. It is interesting to know that this happy animal is a small kangaroo relative found only in western Australia. The population of Quakes on their island is 12,000.

10. Penguin Island

This island is located on the coast of Bolds in South Africa. This one isn’t really an island, but Boulds Beach is home to over 2,000 African penguins. These handsome animals who always seem to wear pants suits are one of the endangered species.


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