Top ten fantasy and magic movies

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Top ten fantasy and magic movies

Harry Potter fantasy movie series

The story of Harry Potter is about a boy named Harry who lost his parents and lived with his aunt and uncle’s husband. One day, a man named Rubius Hagrid comes to Harry and reveals the truth about the death of his parents. Harry’s parents were wizards and were killed by Lord Voldemort. Voldemort also wants to kill Harry. Hagrid invites Harry to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the story begins from this point.

Fantasy movie series The Lord of the Rings

Year of manufacture: 2001-2003
Director: Peter Jackson
The story of this magical movie takes place in Middle Earth, an imaginary place, and it is about the Dark Lord who is looking for a ring called “The One Ring.”

Star Wars fantasy movie series

Year of manufacture: 1977
Producer: George Lucas
The story of this fantasy film is about ancient times when an unknown galaxy is located somewhere far away. In addition to humans, this area has humanoid creatures and robots called droids. Druids have to serve humans. Intergalactic and planetary travel is easy because of the high technology in this area, and everything is controlled by an idea called the Force. The film shows the challenges of people in this region.

Doctor Strange

The story of the fantasy movie Doctor Strange is about a doctor named Steven Vincent Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) who has an extraordinary ability to perform surgery. He is excellent at his job and makes much money doing it. But his pride gets the better of him, and one day, due to an accident, his hands are paralyzed, and he has to go after a sorceress named Ancient One to recover. This will guide him to his true self.

Fantastic Beasts

The story of this magical fantasy movie is about when Newt Scamander arrives in New York after completing his research trips to finish his book, and due to an unintentional mistake, several creatures inside Newt’s suitcase are released, and the story begins.

Pan’s Labyrinth
Duration: 119 minutes
Spain and Mexico [2]

Spanish-speaking Ofelia (Ivana Bakro) is a little girl who lives with her pregnant mother and her stepfather, a fascist soldier, during the civil wars of General Franco, the dictator of Spain. One day, he sees an insect resembling a fairy, leading him to a mysterious “maze” that ends in the underworld. This is where he meets a faun and has adventures in fantasy and reality.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

It was produced by the Walt Disney Company and was released in 2005
Duration: 145 minutes
Country: Great Britain
English language
During the Second World War, four children named Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy enter the land of Narnia, ruled by the White Wizard, through comedy. This land is always winter because of the witch’s spell, and the witch has prevented Christmas from entering there. The great savior, Aslan, comes to the children’s aid to save Narnia and its inhabitants.

Alice in Wonderland

Country: United States of America
English language
Alice is the daughter of the world traveler Charles Kingsley’s wife Ampol, who dreams of Wonderland at the age of 7 and enters it. 13 years later, Alice is forced into a party to marry Lord Henrich, and then follows a rabbit, falls into a bottomless pit, and enters Wonderland for the second time. There, he learns that the Red Queen has rebelled against her sister, the White Queen, and the situation in Wonderland has been messed up. He must get the sword of light in the Red Queen’s palace and use it to cut off the head of the queen’s dragon. On her way, Alice meets many creatures, including a wise silkworm that is always smoking a hookah, a cat that can become invisible, a mouse, and also a person called the Mad Hatter, and later with their help, she gets the sword and The queen’s palace goes white.

The School for Good and Evil

The fictional movie Magic School of Good and Evil is a spectacular work produced in 2022. This movie tells the story of two close friends who go to a school to educate princesses and villains. They, who were close friends before, put their friendship to a great test in this school.
Synopsis: Twin brothers, Ryan and Rafal, participate in a friendly duel. Rafal, the evil brother, is hungry for more and suddenly uses blood magic to attack his brother. However, Ryan, the good brother, manages to overpower him at the last second and throws Rafal off a cliff, apparently killing him.

Two characters are introduced through the voice of a narrator, the fair-haired, princess-like Sophie and her best friend Agatha, the former of whom is “supposed to change the world” and the latter of whom faces daily taunts and threats from the townspeople, who call him a witch.


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