Top ten science fiction movies

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Top ten science fiction movies


Publication year: 2022

Director: Gerard JohnstonIn

this movie, we are with a robot created to be a companion for a child who lost his parents. At first, this robot, named Megan, was supposed to be just a friend, companion, and nurse for Kady so that she could return to everyday life after being orphaned, but it turned out that she had more expectations and wanted to play a higher role in Kady’s life.This science fiction film is also frightening and scary.


Publication year: 2016
Director: Morten Tyldum

The story takes place when humanity falls asleep inside the compartments of a spaceship until it wakes up 90 years later. One of these passengers wakes up by accident and spends his days alone. He, who can no longer live in this lonely state, also decides to wake up another passenger.
Passengers are science fiction but the romantic movie.


Publication year: 2014
Director: Christopher Nolan

Matthew McConaughey also showed a different and deep game in this movie, again attracting the audience’s attention. This film deals with the theme of space, galaxy, and physics, and Nolan researched for years to make this film. In this film, we see that the future of Earth is very worrying, and explorers and researchers travel to the stars to see if humans can live there.

A Quiet Place

Publication year: 2018
Director: John Krasinski

The movie A Quiet Place is an exciting sci-fi movie, the first part of which came out in 2018, and after the incredible reception it brought, the second part was also made.
In this movie, the Earth is attacked by aliens. Creatures that can’t see anything, but with the slightest sound, they notice people and kill them. The story now moves on with the rest of the people who have to live and survive without the slightest noise. Any sound coming out of these people can lead to their death.

The Avengers

Publication year: 2012
Director: Joss Whedon

In the Avengers movie series, all the Marvel heroes, including Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, and many other characters, form a team together to face the most dangerous enemies on earth. This movie was released in 4 parts, the first of which came in 2012, and the last part of this series was released in 2019, which ended the entire story of these heroes.

Planet of the Apes

Publication year: 2011
Director: Rupert Yatt

The story takes place in San Francisco. In a laboratory, a scientist named Will Rodman is testing a viral drug on a female chimpanzee with the help of which he can cure Alzheimer’s. This drug increases the chimpanzee’s level of consciousness and leads to his rebellion. After that, Will’s boss orders the project to be disbanded, and the chimpanzee is killed. But Will realizes that the cause of the female chimpanzee’s rebellion was her newborn baby. Will names him Caesar and decides to raise him. Will continues his experiments and discovers a dark secret about the drug he found. This drug, despite its tremendous effect in increasing the intelligence of chimpanzees, leads to the destruction of humans.


Publication year: 1995
Director: Joe Johnston

The movie Jumanji is the story of an intellectual game called Jumanji that Alan finds one day and decides to play with his friend Sarah. But this game is a little different from other games, and once you start playing, you can’t stop playing it. Every time you roll a dice in this game, the pieces move, and a scary message appears on the screen. After Alan rolls 5, the game message tells him to wait in the forest for another player to proceed 5. Alan is also drawn into the game. Sarah, who is terrified, abandons the game and runs away. Years later, Judy and Peter find the game and, bored, open it and decide to play again.

The Matrix

Publication year: 1999
Director: Lily Wachowski, Lana Wachowski

This movie depicts an anti-utopian world of the future where humanity is unknowingly trapped in the Matrix. The Matrix is a simulated world created by intelligent machines to prevent overpopulation and uses human bodies for energy. Among the attractive features of this fictional film series, its action scenes were made with great obsession and brought great popularity to the film’s actors.

Everything Everywhere All At Once

Publication year: 2022
Director: Daniel Cowan, Daniel Shinhart

This fictional film is about a Chinese American woman named Evelyn who runs a laundromat with her husband. Many problems have changed Evelyn’s life. Her relationship with her daughter is rocky; she is getting ready to separate from her husband, her Chinese grandfather is coming to her house for Chinese New Year, and her daughter is struggling with depression. During all these problems, he realizes that neither he nor other members of his family have only one life and that they all exist in parallel worlds. The exciting part of the story is that all the first ones who live on other planets have different abilities, and the first one in this life can use his skills and capabilities in other lives.


Publication year: 2023
Director: Yoon Sang Ho

Jung Ae’s film deals with the future. In the 22nd century, Earth is no longer habitable, and humanity has migrated to sanctuaries on other planets. But some of these shelters have declared independence under the title of a republic and are attacking other shelters. A female warrior named Captain Yoon Joongi joins the forces to account for these people. But due to an incident, he falls into a coma. An institute that uses artificial intelligence technologies clones Jungi’s brain. A few years later, Jungi opens his eyes again with incredible powers. This time, his name is Jung Ae.


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