Top ten strange laws of countries

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Top ten strange laws of countries

Some countries have strange and unique laws. These laws are so amazing that we have seen the creation of a list of these laws of nations. In this regard, in this article, we intend to look at the list of strange laws of countries and provide comprehensive and complete explanations.

Climbing a tree is a criminal offense in Toronto.

Canada has enacted a law to protect the health of its trees, according to which it is a crime to climb a tree, and if someone does this, they will be fined $365.

In Italy’s capital, taking dogs out every day is mandatory.

Dogs are sensitive animals, and you should take them for a daily walk. To protect the rights of these animals, the Italian government has enacted a law to force people to take their dogs out daily.

In New Jersey, you must honk when you see a car.

In New Jersey and the Garden State, you must honk your horn when overtaking a car to warn the driver that you are overtaking.

France, you have no right to die without buying a grave.

In the city of Sarpourenx in France, you will not be allowed to die before you buy a grave in the cemetery, and in fact, violators will be dealt with legally!

Obscenity is prohibited in the UAE.

The UAE government strongly emphasizes the development of culture. In this regard, one of the laws of this country is that obscenity is prohibited in public places in this country.

Wearing a mask is illegal in Denmark.

The Danish government needs to recognize the identity of people in public places. For this reason, in 2018, Denmark banned wearing masks or hats that prevent facial recognition.

In France, men only have to wear speedos on the beach.

Speedo is a particular type of swimsuit that is popular in France. This swimsuit is tight and absorbent and causes water exchange with the human body to decrease.

In this regard, the French government has enacted a law to keep the water clean so that all men use speedo swimsuits.

It is forbidden to wear high heels in the Acropolis.

Acropolis is one of the tourist attractions of Greece. This place is about two thousand and 500 years old and is considered one of the world’s most important historical and ancient monuments. The Greek government is always trying to preserve this building. One of the damages caused by tourists to this building is due to the sharp heels of the shoes. For this reason, the Greek government has banned wearing high heels on the Acropolis.

Chewing gum in Singapore

The government of Singapore spends $150,000 annually to clean the gum stuck in the street and public places, so chewing, buying, selling, producing, and importing chewing gum is prohibited in Singapore.

The exciting thing is that smoking cessation gums or gums prescribed by a dentist are not banned in Singapore.

Anti-obesity laws in India

One of the strangest laws in the world is in the state of Kerala, India, which passed a special tax on fatty foods such as pizza, hamburgers, fast food, etc., to fight obesity. This law caused the price of these foods to increase, and fewer people went to these foods.


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