Traditional wedding dresses from different countries

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Traditional wedding dresses from different countries

The white dress we see on today’s brides became fashionable in the 19th century thanks to Victoria, the Queen of Great Britain. Queen Victoria was the first woman to wear a white wedding dress. Before her, women wore a traditional dress or a dress that was fashionable at the time on their wedding day. Now it is rare to find a wedding dress that is not white. However, in some cultures, especially in Asia and Africa, young couples still prefer the traditional clothes of their country. In the following, we discuss several conventional wedding dresses in different countries.


In Japan, the bride wears two or more dresses in white and red colors during the wedding ceremony.


Traditional Ghanaian weddings are full of color. Their national dress has various colors and designs. In Ghana, each family’s clothing has its plan.


Today, most young Romanians prefer to celebrate their wedding in a modern style. However, you can still see traditional Romanian weddings in more remote areas of the country. Although Romania is not a big country, each region has its wedding traditions.

Semitic people – Northern Europe

The Sami people are the native inhabitants of Lapland (a region in Northern Europe). Their traditional clothes can reveal a lot about their owners. For example, square buttons on clothes mean the owner is married, while single belt buttons are circular.

Sri Lanka

In Sri Lankan weddings, the bride often becomes the center of attention. However, the impressive appearance of the groom must be addressed.


In Indian culture, the traditional clothing of brides is red or pink dresses. In northern India, married women put a red dot on their foreheads according to Indian traditions.


The groom traditionally wears his family kilt in Scotland on his wedding day. A dress or Scottish skirt is the traditional clothing of Scottish men. After the wedding ceremony, the groom throws a shawl in the color and design of his kilt on the bride’s shoulders to symbolically show the bride’s membership in her new family.



In a traditional Caucasian wedding, the groom usually wears a Sarkisi coat with a sword attached to his belt. The bride often chooses a white wedding dress decorated with national motifs.


In traditional Chinese weddings, the bride and groom wear red. In Chinese culture, white is a symbol of mourning and burial. In Chinese marriages, when the bride and groom get married, the groom removes the bride’s red veil from her head.


In Malaysia, most wedding ceremonies are held according to Islamic traditions. Brides often choose their dress in purple, purple, or cream color.

South Korea

In South Korea, the popularity of traditional weddings is increasing daily. According to ancient traditions, the groom should carry his wife on a table. This symbolically shows that the bride can rely on her husband.


Nigerian brides often choose their dress in a bright color and wear a gel. The herd is the traditional headgear of Niger. The groom’s clothes are no less beautiful than the bride’s clothes.


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