What is the law of attraction and the steps of the law of attraction to achieve your dreams ?

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What is the law of attraction and the steps of the law of attraction to achieve your dreams ?

πŸ’« The Law of Attraction is fixed in the world. According to quantum physics, everything in the world is made of energy. Even your mobile phone is made of energy; all body parts and everything you have are made of energy. In quantum physics, the energies of the same name attract each other; in life, positive energies attract positive events and people, and negative energies attract negative ones.

πŸ’« The law of attraction is natural for achieving desires and wishes. You can accomplish any desire or goal if you know and use it. According to the law of attraction, everything that enters your life is not by chance but because you are attracted to it.

πŸ’« Definitely, you also have desires and goals you want to achieve. This channel will introduce you to the simplest and most powerful ways of the law of attraction. Be sure that by reading this content, you can make a massive change in your life.
You don’t believe this law correctly, but I have to tell you that this law works for you.

πŸ’« According to the law of attraction, your feelings guide your goals and desires. That is, feelings show you whether you will achieve that desire and goal you have or not. The best way to understand if you are getting closer or further away from your passion and purpose is to pay attention to your feelings.

πŸ’« In general, our thoughts make our lives, and we can understand whether our thoughts are right or wrong through our feelings. According to the cosmic law of attraction, you must look at your feelings to determine your thoughts.
If you feel good about what you think, it is a sign that you are reaching that desire and goal, but if you feel bad, it is a sign of moving away from that desire and goal.

πŸ’« One of the universe’s secrets to achieving your goals is controlling your thoughts and mind. By doing so, you can move toward your dreams.

πŸ’« The easiest and most convenient way to control your thoughts and feelings is practice. With practice, you can more accurately send the vibration of your desires and wishes to the universe. Based on the universe’s law of attraction, the more accurate and precise this vibration is, the sooner you will reach your desire.

🌌You must be able to control your emotions
This is the first step in gaining control of your mind. It would help if you did this before; it would make it easier to control your emotions.

πŸ’« The human mind is one of the most complex systems in the world, God has planned the universe so that man can achieve all the desires and goals he has (achieving all the wishes and aspirations is done through the universe and the universe). .

πŸ’« Based on the law of attraction, the world’s reality is that you can achieve anything, and there are no limits to achieving your greatest desires and dreams.

Steps of the Law of Attraction to Achieve Your Dreamsβ™‘

1- Make a decision

β™‘ To send your request to the universe, you need to know precisely what you wish for, and the law of attraction can’t answer your request correctly. To determine your wishes and goals, ask yourself what you want and what makes you feel good.

β™‘ Write down every desire and goal you have in precise and clear detail. Remember that you should be in a good mood when you write your goals and desires.

2- Make a request

β™‘ Please write down your wishes and goals in full detail and review them consciously every day. The best way to send your request to the universe is to focus on your goals and desires. The stronger your focus, the sooner you reach your goal and desire.

β™‘ You must write your request in the present tense as if you reached the same desire and goal.

For example, you can request your favorite car by writing its full details and specifications on paper. I am thrilled that I have a red BMW and drive it to work every day.

3- Visualize

β™‘ Make a promise that you will set aside time for visualization every day. Set aside time each day to practice creative visualization. Find a quiet place, sit down, close your eyes, and imagine that you have achieved all your dreams. You can use the wish list if you need help with it.

β™‘ Did you know that visualization is a potent, scientifically proven technique? You can use it to achieve your dreams and goals.

For example, if you imagine right now that you cut a very sour lemon in half, put it between your teeth, and press it, the lemon juice will pour on your tongue, and the lemon will be very sour. If you have visualized this, your mouth will be salivating.
When you visualize, your brain builds new neural pathways, and the distance between the physical world you live in and the world you envisioned gets closer and closer.

β™‘ The best times to visualize are before and after sleep because you enter alpha time. Always remember the saying that “repetition is the mother of all skills.” To gain high skill in the law of attraction and achieve your goals and desires using the law of attraction, you must repeat the exercises you do to Become the queen of the mind.

4- Give thanks

β™‘ On Thanksgiving, it is better to prepare a gratitude list. Be thankful for everything you have or want to have. Write down everything you have and your goals and dreams. Make yourself feel good.
Have faith and believe in your heart that you will reach them.

β™‘ To learn the principles of gratitude, read The Miracle of Gratitude by Mrs. Randa Byrne. It is a beautiful book that I saw results from, and the exercises it contains will make you make many positive changes in your life.

5- Receive

The last stage of the law of attraction is to receive and achieve your dreams. If you have done all the steps of the law of attraction correctly and taken all the actions, you will fulfill all your goals and desires at this stage.

β™‘ You must do the law of attraction exercises every day to achieve results from the law of attraction. Do not think in any way; only by thinking can you achieve your desires and goals. It’s not like that at all! Instead, you have to do physical work to achieve your desire.

β™‘ Sometimes, you have to let go to receive. For example, you can’t start a new relationship if you’re still in a previous relationship. If you want to buy new clothes, you must let go of the old ones and make room for the new ones.
You can start a new life by letting go of old things and creating new conditions. You have to change your beliefs and replace old beliefs and habits with correct ones.Refrain from constantly checking the universe to see why your order has yet; this to arrive will tell the universe that you don’t believe, and these thoughts will stop the absorption process.

These steps are described in more detail in the book Ask, and It Will Be Given to You (by Esther and Jerry Hicks).

Do not wonder when and how your wish will be fulfilled. Such thoughts show a lack of belief and faith. Keep calm, stay positive, and let God, through the universe, bring your wish to you in the way He sees fit. Do this until your desire is manifested.πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ

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